Our Vision

With Jesus as our example, we proclaim the good news
of the Kingdom of God to every person, replacing:
ignorance with wisdom,
sickness with divine health,
poverty with abundance,
oppression with liberty,
and division with unity;
thereby, restoring the Kingdom of God to mankind.
We will make disciples of all nations.
We declare Ambassadors Worship Center to be a place of


Our Mission

To bring people into the Kingdom of God to develop them to Christ-like maturity, equip them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world, in order to magnify God’s name in the earth!


We believe that the City of Omaha is being taken through the name of Jesus. By doing our part in shaping leaders for the future, and encouraging servanthood, we believe that Ambassadors Worship Center can be the Light of Omaha, a beacon for all who seek Him.


Our Service

At AWC, we place a high priority on serving.  Serving not only helps us with God’s mission, but also helps spiritually mature us in becoming better Kingdom Citizens.  It takes lots of volunteers to make each of our weekly services happen.  Do you want to help us advance our vision?


AWC encourages our people to get involved inside their congregation and to serve their gifts beyond the walls of our building.  Often times people in the church find that if they keep their ears, eyes, and heart open; they can find ways to serve others right where God has already placed them.


Find out how you can get involved, right here and right now!