6 months – Kindergarten

This department was designed to welcome children that are taking “Little Steps” in the Kingdom of God. This age group develops and changes so quickly from crawling to walking and from baby talk to beginning reading. Every little step they take brings them closer to a relationship with God.


These services are provided for infants from 6 to 19 months. We welcome infants into our loving and caring environment and ensure that they receive the best of care during our corporate worship services. This ministry affords parents the opportunity to enjoy worship and the Word while their little ones are being tenderly cared for in their absence.

Toddlers (20 months – 3 years)

These services are provided for walkers from 20 to 36 months. We welcome these little ones just beginning to walk into a fun and loving atmosphere. At this age we begin to teach them about who God is and how much He loves each one of them. All of the games we play and the stories we read, help to build trust in our Heavenly Father. Our staff is trained to give the best care possible and each child is cared for tenderly while their parents enjoy worship in the sanctuary.

Preschool (3-4 year olds)

This class has age appropriate curriculum used to teach the children through Bible storytelling. Snacks are provided, and parents are welcome to participate. Storytelling times are brought to life through the use of music, puppets, games, memory verses and videos. All in all it’s a memorable and fun way to make the Bible come alive for kids.

Kindergarten (5-6 year olds)

We provide an upbeat and exciting environment for children 5 to 6 years old to grow and experience Jesus. The children are taught through a variety of tools such as creative Bible lessons, memory verses, songs, puppets, arts & crafts, and praise and worship. Children at this level should be able to tell you what they learned in class and parents are encouraged to ask questions. We hope that this will spark discussion for the family away from their church environment.