GeNext is the ministry that trains and equips the next generation of leaders that will impact our world.

The vision of the AWC Children’s & Youth Ministry is to provide an exciting, safe, and secure environment to help empower our children and youth and develop their foundation for understanding the Kingdom of God and their purpose in life.

We believe that each one of the children that attend our church that God is giving us an opportunity to minister to them.  According to Psalm 139:14, the Bible instructs us that each child is uniquely created by God and have been given a specific purpose to be fulfilled in their life-time.

We also believe that inside each of our children is a leader waiting to be discovered. We, the AWC Children’s Ministry, have the privilege to help them along on this adventure. We partner with parents to help our children to understand the principles of the Kingdom of God, discover their purpose in life, walk in the leadership God created them to walk in (Gen. 1:26), so they can be equipped and confident to influence their worlds for the Kingdom of God.

Your child is important to us. On your first visit, our volunteers will register your child and enter their personal information into our secure database. Our volunteers have all been interviewed, had random background checks and have been trained. Our ushers help secure the children’s ministry areas throughout the service. After the service, only the registered guardians may pick up your child. Our volunteers are always available to answer any questions.