“Except the Lord builds the house…”  Psalms 127:1

Our idea of what a family is must be the same as God’s.  After all, He is the Creator and ultimate authority on the subject.  If anyone should know about  what true family is, it would be Him.  As far as God is concerned, your family is not just a web of interpersonal relationships or a group of people living together.  Instead, it is a tool designed to carry His power, presence and love to the world. When a family is spiritually healthy and functioning according to the Word of God, it becomes a powerful force that can tear down walls and break through barriers.  It can heal, restore, inspire and motivate others.

Therefore, this ministry is responsible for the covenant care and equipping of families. Quality individuals with the heart and abilities to shepherd have been appointed by the senior pastor to assist in fulfilling the vast needs within the local church; they serve as a direct extension of our senior pastor under his close supervision.

“…ruling in life as a family starts with understanding family from God’s perspective.”

We provide opportunities for individuals to build meaningful relationships, to connect and become knowledgable disciples of the Kingdom of God.  We believe that strong and whole individuals make strong and whole families.”